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Windows Scares me :(

Today I wanted to use my webcam with a relative, so I decided to boot into Windows to make use of the build-in webcam as Pidgin has no support for audio/video calls and as AMsn does, it won’t work correctly.

After telling my Linux box to reboot, not more than 5 seconds passed until the grub menu asked me what to do. I chose Windows and I just waited……and waited…..and waited. A couple of minutes later the login prompt was there. typed my password. You see, when I start my laptop and login I just start using my computer right away, I don’t wait until everything loads because…well, Linux does it instantaneously.

Maybe the fact that Linux loads almost instantaneously might have affected what I was expecting from Windows. So when I was at Windows,  I tried to use it right away: boy…ohhh boy: what a big FAIL. I had to wait until everything loaded, literally! (no, that’s not what she said…). After a few minutes using it I was getting desperate about Windows failing to do what I was telling to. Desperation grew so much that I convinced that relative to install Skype so we could use the webcams while me using Linux.

Yeah, thank you Skype, you are awesome although you have Linux a few versions behind the Windows version.

What I’m trying to say is that I DO NOT like Windows, which doesn’t mean I hate it, but I prefer to avoid it as much as possible. I don’t need to feel the rage when something doesn’t work as supposed.

Next time, I’ll make a coffee after login in Windows 😉


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Happy Birthday Photoshop!

Can you believe Photoshop is already 20? There is a video that explains how it comes from Display to Photoshop. You can read the post that Michael Zhang wrote about this on his blog.

This is a Photoshop video of version 1:

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The funniest Anchorman ever!

I can’t remember how I got this video (if it’s yours, let me know) but there you go:

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