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We love Microsoft….

So, Cryptome (which is down, BTW) brought to the light a document from Microsoft called “Global Criminal Compliance Handbook” (pay attention to the word “Global”!!).

That’s why I don’t have a hotmail account 😉

Read more about it here (they’ve made a very good article about it)

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Google Vs EU?

Well, Google has recieved a letter from the EU about 3 companies complaining about how Google is handling ranks in the search result. Of the three companies, 1 is owned by Microsoft (Ciao! by Bing), the other one is a company is Foundem, a member of an organisation called ICOMP which is funded partly by Microsof (surprised? I’m not…). Well, the third one is a legal search engine(?).

So now Ciao! starts to complain? Before Microsoft bought Ciao! they were in business with the ads and it was a happy story, then…Microsoft happened. They started to complain about Google’s terms and conditions when it was bought in 2008, so they took Google to court and now they are going to the next step in Brussels.

Hey Microsoft, how does it feel when you don’t own the market? And guess what! they don’t cheated as you did 😉

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How to convert mp3 to amr (for mobile phones!)

*** Only for Linux!! ***
for Windows and Linux

Eva and me have been searching a way to get music for our new Sharp 770SH for a while now. It’s very difficult as the size of the mp3’s are very high for a cell phone and the AMR format was our best option.

So I started to search the way I could do such thing…and it has been hard to find. But then the amazing ffmpeg came into my life 😛

Read the complete story…


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