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Perpetual energy for electric cars?

I saw a few weeks ago a video from Tesla Motors and their Model S (which I love…) I realized this was actually the future, only the sound of the tires on the streets without no smoke! How wonderful! But there is one thing, you still have to charge it.

I’m no engineer, but I have an idea:

What if the batteries are only used to break the inertia and, after reaching certain speed, the engine would power it self until you slow down. Maybe there is some lost of energy, but the time between recharges would be greater than they are are now.

Or maybe they should have 2 packs of batteries, one of them would being used for moving, while the movement of the car (through a power generator engine using the wheels and magnets? maybe…) charges the other pack only until they are fully charged. Once one pack is deployed, the system would start using the second one and also start recharging it for later use.

Do you think it would work? I hope so…


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