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It’s been less than a week since I started using Pipio and I can’t anything else that WOW.

I use twitter since a few weeks, less than a month, when I came back to Austria and realized it was a very cool idea! I had already an account, but never used before as I never saw the point of it: 140 chars? that’s it?

But then I started to use the search buttons to find people with the same interests. Then I found Twhirl: and app made with/in (not sure…) Adobe Air, just ok. A few days later I found TweetDeck also with/in Adobe Air. That was the best one I’ve ever seen in a long time: the searches are ordered in columns, also the mentions and tweets from friends.

Then, out of the blue I saw a tweet from some one (can’t remember who (s)he was) about a new service called “pipio” so I searched about it and came to their website and start using it a little bit. At the beginning it’s kind of complicated as you don’t know what to do 😕 but you get use to the interface really fast actually…

Think of pipio as a way to use several services in just one place: you can use Facebook (post updates, comments, pics, and more), Twitter and Youtube from one single page! (although the Youtube app is not ready yet). Oh! and a RSS reader! 😉 plus, there are more apps coming soon!

You can even videochat with your contacts! You can manage your contacts in groups. You can join Rooms where you can talk about topics you are interested in…

The team has some things to fix, but I still think this is one of the most promising sites I’ve seen in a very long time. Here is a small snapshot 😉

If you are already there, or planing to use pipio, *this* is my address

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Happy Birthday Photoshop!

Can you believe Photoshop is already 20? There is a video that explains how it comes from Display to Photoshop. You can read the post that Michael Zhang wrote about this on his blog.

This is a Photoshop video of version 1:

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