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No more problems with the microphone on Laptops with Intel’s 82801I

(…) Until I realized my internal microphone wasn’t working at all, although I was able to use an external microphone conected to the mic jack, but that would be stupid as I already have one that already works (…)

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Windows Scares me :(

Today I wanted to use my webcam with a relative, so I decided to boot into Windows to make use of the build-in webcam as Pidgin has no support for audio/video calls and as AMsn does, it won’t work correctly.

After telling my Linux box to reboot, not more than 5 seconds passed until the grub menu asked me what to do. I chose Windows and I just waited……and waited…..and waited. A couple of minutes later the login prompt was there. typed my password. You see, when I start my laptop and login I just start using my computer right away, I don’t wait until everything loads because…well, Linux does it instantaneously.

Maybe the fact that Linux loads almost instantaneously might have affected what I was expecting from Windows. So when I was at Windows,  I tried to use it right away: boy…ohhh boy: what a big FAIL. I had to wait until everything loaded, literally! (no, that’s not what she said…). After a few minutes using it I was getting desperate about Windows failing to do what I was telling to. Desperation grew so much that I convinced that relative to install Skype so we could use the webcams while me using Linux.

Yeah, thank you Skype, you are awesome although you have Linux a few versions behind the Windows version.

What I’m trying to say is that I DO NOT like Windows, which doesn’t mean I hate it, but I prefer to avoid it as much as possible. I don’t need to feel the rage when something doesn’t work as supposed.

Next time, I’ll make a coffee after login in Windows 😉


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Facts about Linux

These are some facts about Linux

  1. Linus Torvalds developed the Kernel while he was a student in the University of Helsinki in 1991.
  2. Last year, 75% of the code created for Linux, was developed by private companies.
  3. In December 2009, IBM announced a new Mainframe system designed to work under Linux.
  4. IBM choose Linux to use it in the next most powerful Supercomputer, named Sequoia (2011).
  5. 446 of the 500 top Supercomputers use Linux.
  6. 95% of the servers used in Hollywood studios used for animated films use Linux.
  7. The first film produces in Linux servers was Titanic in 1997
  8. James Cameron also choose Linux servers to produce Avatar.
  9. Google servers use Linux.
  10. Google contributed with 1.1% of the actual Linux kernel.
  11. Linux is going into the smartphone market.
  12. OS’ like Palm WebOS, Google Andoid, Nokia Maemo or Samsung Bada use the Linux kernel.
  13. TiVo uses its own personalized version of Linux.
  14. Linux leads the server market with 33,8% (Windows has 7,3%)
  15. Well, in the desktop and laptop market, Linux only has about 1,02% share.

Some things worth knowing 😉


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New updates on!!

Today the people behind pipio made a few changes in the site. One of the best ones is the notification icon on the Twitter App

This notifications include searches, mentions and your own stream (see picture above). After a while, I have never used tweetdeck any more and I just use pipio for Twitter and RSS. I have to say I still go to facebook, but I hope pipio get their hands on it soon 😉

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Why does Internet Explores still exists?

I think is VERY well-known that Internet Explorer (no, I’m not linking there…) has so many flaws in terms of security, so…why do people use it? Would IE have the same share if it wouldn’t come tied with Windows? NO, why? because people would actually have somewhere to choose from!

You have a lot to choose from! Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Flock (a version of Firefox specific for going Social 😉 ), Avant Browser, Maxthon…dude, there is a lot of fishes in the see 😉 Using Internet Explorer it’s like going through a very dangerous street, at night, alone and with all your jewellery and expect that nobody robs you!

BTW, I use Google Chrome 😉

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Happy Birthday Photoshop!

Can you believe Photoshop is already 20? There is a video that explains how it comes from Display to Photoshop. You can read the post that Michael Zhang wrote about this on his blog.

This is a Photoshop video of version 1:

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Flock 2.5 en Español

Parece que dentro de muy poco tendremos Flock completamente en Español!!. Que cómo lo sé? jejeje adivina quién ha traducido el programa? 😎

A ve si lo compilan lo antes posible 😉

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