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Happy Birthday Photoshop!

Can you believe Photoshop is already 20? There is a video that explains how it comes from Display to Photoshop. You can read the post that Michael Zhang wrote about this on his blog.

This is a Photoshop video of version 1:

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The funniest Anchorman ever!

I can’t remember how I got this video (if it’s yours, let me know) but there you go:

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AK-47 for sale…on TV?

I have been watching funny videos all night and those were really funny, but then I saw this one and I couldn't believe it!!! AK-47 for sale? what hear what the guy says about Kongo AND watch the test they make (how old is that kid???)

Just amazing!!!!

.:: Ak-47s For Sale ::.

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Titanic 2

After the success of Titanic, they released the trailer a few days ago. It looks very cool and I won't miss it when it hits theaters 😉

.:: Link ::.

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David Hasselhoff – Hooked on a Feeling

At th beginning I thought it was a joke…but after a few secconds I was shocked!!! OMG!!!! he is awfull and what about the video? th worse thing I've ever seen!!!!!

Whatch the video here


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Brokeback Mountain Parody

I just saw a 30 secconds parody of Brokeback Montain, really funny 🙂
See it here

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Really weird people

From time to time, I see really extrange videos with really extrange persons, but this is the…I have no words:

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