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is DuckDuckGo getting THAT good?

I like the DDG search engine, it looks good and gets the job done (well, most of the time…). I have been using it for a long time now and I can actually say that I’m using it more and more than Google. The problem is when I want results only one year old, of 6 months old, but not from 5 years ago, that’s when I have to back to the big G, but this doesn’t happen all the time, so I is nothing that keeps me away from DDG,

DuckDuckGo minimalistic design

But its simple and minimalistic design makes me want to use it more and more! Yes, I know Google has almost the same start page, but there is something I like about DDG, I don’t know why though.

You have a lot of options! you can search with Google aswel by adding !g at your search query (I use this one when I want to get only new results), Google Images? no problem! just add !gi Google News? !n
For a full list visit the !Bang page 😉 (that list is just huge!!)

You want try wat DDG can do for you? check the Goodies page to see all the features 😉

Plus! DDG has been the default search engine in this Linux distributions. Kudos!

So the answer to the question is YES. And? do you like it?

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Rooting a Galaxy S3?

So, I’m thinking about buying a S3, but I keep reading about rooting it after all the amazing reviews the stock ROM has!

Yes, I have a rooted phone (SGS1), but it was because I wanted to have the latest Android version. Being the S3 the flagship for Samsung, I doubt it won’t update it very often though.

So, why? I can’t think any good reason to do it. Really.

They talk about control, customization and power. Control over what? if you know, please tell me, because I don’t get it. Customization? well, I live without it. Power? again, over what!

I’m really confused right now…

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Facts about Linux

These are some facts about Linux

  1. Linus Torvalds developed the Kernel while he was a student in the University of Helsinki in 1991.
  2. Last year, 75% of the code created for Linux, was developed by private companies.
  3. In December 2009, IBM announced a new Mainframe system designed to work under Linux.
  4. IBM choose Linux to use it in the next most powerful Supercomputer, named Sequoia (2011).
  5. 446 of the 500 top Supercomputers use Linux.
  6. 95% of the servers used in Hollywood studios used for animated films use Linux.
  7. The first film produces in Linux servers was Titanic in 1997
  8. James Cameron also choose Linux servers to produce Avatar.
  9. Google servers use Linux.
  10. Google contributed with 1.1% of the actual Linux kernel.
  11. Linux is going into the smartphone market.
  12. OS’ like Palm WebOS, Google Andoid, Nokia Maemo or Samsung Bada use the Linux kernel.
  13. TiVo uses its own personalized version of Linux.
  14. Linux leads the server market with 33,8% (Windows has 7,3%)
  15. Well, in the desktop and laptop market, Linux only has about 1,02% share.

Some things worth knowing 😉


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Google Vs EU?

Well, Google has recieved a letter from the EU about 3 companies complaining about how Google is handling ranks in the search result. Of the three companies, 1 is owned by Microsoft (Ciao! by Bing), the other one is a company is Foundem, a member of an organisation called ICOMP which is funded partly by Microsof (surprised? I’m not…). Well, the third one is a legal search engine(?).

So now Ciao! starts to complain? Before Microsoft bought Ciao! they were in business with the ads and it was a happy story, then…Microsoft happened. They started to complain about Google’s terms and conditions when it was bought in 2008, so they took Google to court and now they are going to the next step in Brussels.

Hey Microsoft, how does it feel when you don’t own the market? And guess what! they don’t cheated as you did 😉

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Why does Internet Explores still exists?

I think is VERY well-known that Internet Explorer (no, I’m not linking there…) has so many flaws in terms of security, so…why do people use it? Would IE have the same share if it wouldn’t come tied with Windows? NO, why? because people would actually have somewhere to choose from!

You have a lot to choose from! Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Flock (a version of Firefox specific for going Social 😉 ), Avant Browser, Maxthon…dude, there is a lot of fishes in the see 😉 Using Internet Explorer it’s like going through a very dangerous street, at night, alone and with all your jewellery and expect that nobody robs you!

BTW, I use Google Chrome 😉

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David Hasselhoff – Hooked on a Feeling

At th beginning I thought it was a joke…but after a few secconds I was shocked!!! OMG!!!! he is awfull and what about the video? th worse thing I've ever seen!!!!!

Whatch the video here


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Interesting Google Calendars

I was surfing wating to come online and found some interesting links. One of those was some calendars for…well…Google Calendar.

This post gives you some interesting calendars 🙂 (FIFA Football World Cup is just great!!)