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No more problems with the microphone on Laptops with Intel’s 82801I

(…) Until I realized my internal microphone wasn’t working at all, although I was able to use an external microphone conected to the mic jack, but that would be stupid as I already have one that already works (…)

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Nokia N70 and Linux

I recently installed Linux in my computer since Windows gave me some problems (and I had too many games which distract me sooooo much).

Sometimes I connect my phone to my computer to save pictures and get some music on the phone so when I realized I couldn’t exchange files I got a bit worried and started to do some research ;) I finally found a package that can be used with phones regardless the connection you use (Bluetoot®, USB or IR).

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Automatic Repositories for (K)Ubuntu

I was reading this post I found the best way to get you own repositories for any version of (K)Ubuntu, just some clicks and you're done! I was shocked 🙂 hehehe I love it. Try it here

Thi is what I got:

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Ubuntu FlightCD 5

So, the Flight CD5 is already out there, that's good news! But the bad news are that Ubuntu will be delayed until June 1st changing the version number to 6.06. You can grab the FlightCD 5 here


Downloading Dapper Flight 2 ISO

Uhmmm, I was thinking maybe the Dapper iso would be better than just changing the source.list but still…I will try to use my old xorg.conf file to get into KDE again 😉 I don't like the idea of still having KDE 3.5.0 because some people have been sasying that we should wait until the next release (3.5.1)…but hey, I have to risk a little 😆

PS: If you still want to download the ISO (or torrent) here is the link with all your possibilities 😉

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Installing Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu

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Weird letters in KDE (Debian)

I was editing a post when, out of nowhere some letters came out to the screen and I have no idea about how this could happen or just happened! 😕

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