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No more problems with the microphone on Laptops with Intel’s 82801I

(…) Until I realized my internal microphone wasn’t working at all, although I was able to use an external microphone conected to the mic jack, but that would be stupid as I already have one that already works (…)

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Brother DCP-7010L in Linux

This is a mini-howto install a Brother DCP-7010L multifunction (printer, copier and scanner)

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Nokia N70 and Linux

I recently installed Linux in my computer since Windows gave me some problems (and I had too many games which distract me sooooo much).

Sometimes I connect my phone to my computer to save pictures and get some music on the phone so when I realized I couldn’t exchange files I got a bit worried and started to do some research ;) I finally found a package that can be used with phones regardless the connection you use (Bluetoot®, USB or IR).

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How to convert mp3 to amr (for mobile phones!)

*** Only for Linux!! ***
for Windows and Linux

Eva and me have been searching a way to get music for our new Sharp 770SH for a while now. It’s very difficult as the size of the mp3’s are very high for a cell phone and the AMR format was our best option.

So I started to search the way I could do such thing…and it has been hard to find. But then the amazing ffmpeg came into my life 😛

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Weird letters II

Well, it seems that those letters are shortcuts (SC) in Konqueror when you hit Control. Hit Control again and the SC will desapear, the problem is that you will see only one letter for each SC so you have to memorize the ones you like. 😕


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Weird letters in KDE (Debian)

I was editing a post when, out of nowhere some letters came out to the screen and I have no idea about how this could happen or just happened! 😕

Follow the white rabbit

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