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Change of plans?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my personal blog and my blog and I’m not sure if I should stay there or move back home. I’m not sure which would be a better move, having in mind that I don’t have much visitors 😉

Anyway…I think I have to hear some advises before doing the “move” to either place, so if you have an idea or recommendation, please, let me know 😉

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Flock 2.5 en Español

Parece que dentro de muy poco tendremos Flock completamente en Español!!. Que cómo lo sé? jejeje adivina quién ha traducido el programa? 😎

A ve si lo compilan lo antes posible 😉

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Brother DCP-7010L in Linux

This is a mini-howto install a Brother DCP-7010L multifunction (printer, copier and scanner)

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How to convert mp3 to amr (for mobile phones!)

*** Only for Linux!! ***
for Windows and Linux

Eva and me have been searching a way to get music for our new Sharp 770SH for a while now. It’s very difficult as the size of the mp3’s are very high for a cell phone and the AMR format was our best option.

So I started to search the way I could do such thing…and it has been hard to find. But then the amazing ffmpeg came into my life 😛

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More than a year out?

The last post was from May 2006, since then…well too many things happened:

  1. I’m forced to use Windows (I play Lord of the Rings Online: Lotro…and  Neverwinter Nights 2 + expansion, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008)
  2. I wanted to try a new Linux distro, but my second HD broke so I’m not going to test that or any distro for a while…
  3. I have a new graphic card: Nvidia Point of View 8600GT in which Lotro looks cooler than ever (I have to try it with F.E.A.R.)
  4. I hae my own domain/server, so I kind of lost track of my old blog until I had to configure a plugin and use the API key…

That’ it, I’ll try to stay tuned for now on…

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Web 2.1

As Mr O'reilly wants to tradmark "Web 2.0" I say lets use "Web 2.1" the bug fix. It sounds really cool 😉


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Why people are leaving

I saw some posts yesterday about people leaving for good: they got tired about the limitations of WP.comand now they are with and of course with no limitations at all.

I just installed on my server (good hosting;) ) and realized that it looks A LOT better than the themes has. What would be the consecuenses of me changing the system? I have no idea, I hope somebody answers me this and help me out with here…

 PS: I might move to
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