weird things, bad things

06 May

the last time I wrote here was in April 19th. then I was getting ready for a new job: Waiter. I was a little bit nervous as I hate that kind of jobs: telling the customers "Oh! I'm sorry, my boss is so stupid that he forgot the buy that yesterday so we don't have today (coming back to he kitchen with the customer petitions') Oh! I'm sorry Sir, the cooker just told me we don't have that also…"

The first day was horrible: at the beginning it was almost ok! until the moment the owner came in and told me to always face the door, and then blamed the metre (or however the name is) because I was'nt facing the door on my VERY first day!!

So, around 15hrs the "boss" asked about my experience in the kitchen. I was a little bit shocked because of the question, but at the end I love the kitchen 😉

I hadn't even finished the morning shift and I was already working in the kitchen and to be honest, I was finally happy. The first hours are always the worst ones: you don't know how things work, where they are and where do they put things, so I spend the whole day asking and asking, and when I wasn't asking, I asked a little bit more about other things, what are those for..anyways, trying to know the most I could in the shortest time.

For the last 3 days the rhythm of the job went down so fast the we were preparing things for the next week. Nothing to do and everybody with good mooth: really cool!

A few days later I bought a bike and, of course: somebody stole it 😦 RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY RESTAURANT!!! i couldn't believe it…and I said "as long as I don't have a save place where I can put my bike, I won't buy another one"

Yesterday I came late to the job (15 minutes) late and he was very upset (we all thought it was because of the lack of customers) and I told him it would never happen again (bla bla bla)

At the end of that day, after everyone got paid, the boss called me to the "office" and paid me until that day, everything.

@ 2am, May 5th, I ended my contract (which, BTW, I signed when I was getting paid), after 14 days working 10 hours a day (if not more): a really bad paid job.

I hope I get another job soon enough to have money to flight to Austria and meet my brother and friends…

The sad thing is that like the people in my work ex-work, very, very kind people…

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