Blink list!

06 May

I began with by casuality: I was reading a post and was really tired of seeing that name all over the places so I opened an account and then I realised how important was it. Then, I found the Yahoo my Web 2 and I thought it was very nice, nicer than

Then, ChronoTron wrote something about a new web 2.0 service like Blinklist whic (I think) is one of the best software in the cathegory.

The Toolbar works perfectly with firefox and has many features that makes it really useful! (it looks like I'm sellings it 😛 ) 

Have you tried it yet? 😉


Posted by on 06/05/2006 in Blogging, Software


2 responses to “Blink list!

  1. Chrono Cr@cker

    07/05/2006 at 07:49

    Hey Glad you like it. It really rox!

  2. Alejandro

    07/05/2006 at 14:21

    it’s amazing!!! I really love it 🙂 😆


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