David Hasselhoff – Hooked on a Feeling

19 Apr

At th beginning I thought it was a joke…but after a few secconds I was shocked!!! OMG!!!! he is awfull and what about the video? th worse thing I've ever seen!!!!!

Whatch the video here


Posted by on 19/04/2006 in Blogging, Firefox, Fun, Google, Media, Video, Wondering


5 responses to “David Hasselhoff – Hooked on a Feeling

  1. Grins

    21/04/2006 at 00:47

    That was great! Great in a mock Hasselhoff sort of way of course.

  2. Alejandro

    23/04/2006 at 01:10

    😆 LOL

  3. anjiknut

    25/04/2006 at 14:43

    At least he looks like HE was having fun. What were the dogs supposed to be doing?

  4. naturallylazy

    26/04/2006 at 17:07

    I was just browsing the blogs and came across yours. What a hillarious video! I needed a good laugh, although I’m afraid it might give me nightmares :o)~

  5. Alejandro

    28/04/2006 at 12:48

    How fun can you get doing such kind of videos? hehe 😆


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