My Fight against Alzheimer

09 Apr

I'm 26 (almost 27) and I feel like forgetting things is more usual than most people. I've always had problems remembering things.

My ex-girlfriend hate it and Eva understand me as I told her the truth: Is not that I choose to forget/not remember things that she might find important, that just happens.

I'm afraid of what could happen to me in 10 years. It's actually Alzheimer? or it's just that I don't pay enough attention to the things that happen everyday.


Posted by on 09/04/2006 in Blogging, me, Wondering


12 responses to “My Fight against Alzheimer

  1. sharlet

    10/04/2006 at 18:16

    Did you have a fall or hit your head before? I’m serious… I know of a person who fell, and their memory got worse and worse… But it’s probably nothing serious; maybe you’re simply not getting enough sleep!! 😛

  2. Alejandro

    11/04/2006 at 17:09

    I snore too much, so I thing I sleep enough, but I don’t rest too much. I hit my face against the ground 15 years ago, half of my face went purple because of the hit. That might help it a little bit 😦

  3. Leon

    11/04/2006 at 22:23

    We all feel that way sometimes. Don’t call Alzheimer’s down on yourself.

  4. fancy

    11/04/2006 at 22:34

    I know what you mean Alejandro, some times my mind is like this to, i know with me though it’s just my brain seems to think some things are more trivial than others and files them under the “to remember later” basket.
    And i do remember them later, just not on time.
    Maybe your mind works similar, you have other more interesting things your thinking about perhaps so it makes you forget the other things?

  5. Alejandro

    12/04/2006 at 12:11

    The problem is that I forget things that are important for other people (girlfriend, friends, family) but remember things that are important for me! and that make me sad. I hate that, I really do

  6. sharlet

    15/04/2006 at 05:25

    Maybe you should keep a small book to help you… or notes… I mark important dates on my calendar, so I don’t forget my family members’ and friends’ birthdays. I think it’s just a matter of how you organise your life. It can’t be Alzheimer’s – you’re too young!

  7. marco

    18/04/2006 at 17:46

    I wish you good luck

  8. Alejandro

    19/04/2006 at 00:26

    thanks! I’m not sure if its actually alzy, but I wish it isn’t :(I have to go to the doctor 🙂

  9. Jack Yan

    19/04/2006 at 00:33

    I don’t think it’s Alzheimer’s, but maybe you just need to “exercise your mind” a bit and begin noticing some of the great things happening around you?

  10. Alejandro

    19/04/2006 at 00:56

    well, yeah. sometimes I even forget what I did before yesterday. Yes, I have to exercise my mind, that’s why I have to go to the doctor 🙂 hopefully soon 😉

  11. Jack Yan

    19/04/2006 at 02:02

    Good luck, Alejandro. I am sure it won’t be a serious disorder, not at your age.

  12. Alejandro

    19/04/2006 at 02:23

    I hope so, otherwise I will be a study case 😛


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