Lets get back to Business

07 Apr

It has been a week already since my last post I was wondering why. Maybe because my peruvian friend from Austria is here to work: woohoo!!!! Isn't that great???

Then Madiamarkt opened a store here in Seville and now it's like my seccond house 😛 (I bought a wireless telephone today 😉 )

Eva's mother has to go to Madrid to get cirgury next week and she want to spend some time with her so I took the time to help Danilo with some papers after caming to Seville.

I've been using some software, reading a Linux Magazine for free (niceeee!!!) and walking a looooot (for Danilo's papers) and so on.

I hope I'll get more time to blog daily. Other things are still the same: BlogMad is getting even worse with -379.5 crerdits…but more news tomorrow 🙂


Posted by on 07/04/2006 in Blogging, me, Wondering


2 responses to “Lets get back to Business

  1. sharlet

    10/04/2006 at 18:14

    The BlogMad thing is really funny! Let us know when it gets to -1000!! 😀

  2. Alejandro

    11/04/2006 at 17:01

    I’m already half way there 😉


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