Seville 1 – Mallorca 1

27 Mar

Last week I was in the Seville Stadium watching the football match between Seville and Mallorca. It was fun althou it was a tie I was hoping that Seville would win the match 😦

I took some pics after and during the game:

Sevilla - Mallorca Sevilla - Mallorca Sevilla - Mallorca

See the whole set of pictures here, the last pics are some kind of Panoramical view from my sit 🙂 (be careful when clicking n the image, the original photos are huge!!)

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Posted by on 27/03/2006 in Blogging, Football, Fun, me, Media, Pictures, Sports, Wondering


One response to “Seville 1 – Mallorca 1

  1. Madhur Kapoor

    15/04/2006 at 08:46

    It should be real fun to watch a live football match in the stadium , supporting your team . Hope i get the chance one day .


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