Changing sources.list to Dapper…

13 Jan

Yesterday I changed my repositories to Dapper, but it broke my system and I couldn’t boot Kubuntu…lets see whats going on, I will use the old Xorg file and try to use it to start up KDE (which I think is the problem)…but I will have to wait until the evening when I come back from work…dammn it!

In order ti change it to dapper, I replaced everything that has to do with breezy to drapper…and that was it.

My sources.list ended up like this:

# deb cdrom:[Kubuntu 5.10 _Breezy Badger_ - Release i386 (20051012)]/ breezy main restricted

deb dapper main restricted
deb-src dapper main restricted
deb dapper universe
deb-src dapper universe

Or something, not sure now. At the end I had to reinstall the whole system as it crashed my system and wasn’t able to boot. Now I have it back to Breezy 🙂 let’s wait until next release! when? well, as the Flight CD4 has been released on February 19th, I’ll have to wait a little bit more 😛


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