¿Alternando una lista con comas?

Mientras desarrollaba un sistema (que lo llevo desarrollando hace 4 años y por falta de tiempo aún le falta bastante), me topé con la problemática de separar una lista de ids por comas. La idea era…

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Perpetual energy for electric cars?

I saw a few weeks ago a video from Tesla Motors and their Model S (which I love…) I realized this was actually the future, only the sound of the tires on the streets without no smoke! How wonderful! But there is one thing, you still have to charge it.

I’m no engineer, but I have an idea:

What if the batteries are only used to break the inertia and, after reaching certain speed, the engine would power it self until you slow down. Maybe there is some lost of energy, but the time between recharges would be greater than they are are now.

Or maybe they should have 2 packs of batteries, one of them would being used for moving, while the movement of the car (through a power generator engine using the wheels and magnets? maybe…) charges the other pack only until they are fully charged. Once one pack is deployed, the system would start using the second one and also start recharging it for later use.

Do you think it would work? I hope so…


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28 ways to be Austrian

this is just genius!

Austrian Adaptation

In honour of the fact that this is my 28th post, on the week of my 28th birthday I feel its appropriate to celebrate that number with a short guide to the hilarious/awesome/crazy things i’ve noticed from my first year living in Austria. These are the little things you need to embrace to truly uncover your inner Austrian!

1.Be on time. They really, really like being on time. The Germans and the Swiss have the more famous reputation but God help you if you’re not on time to meet an Austrian. For an Austrian, to be 5 minutes early  is to be on time. You have been warned!

2. Speak Austrian Deutsch. The language spoken here is technically German, but an Austrian variety. So a Potato is an Kartoffeln in Deutsch, but Erdäpfel in Austrian. German apricots are Aprikose, Austrian ones are Marillen, German tomatoes are Tomaten, a

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She is in my eyes…

Once I went to visit dear friend (also it’s my ex) and we walked a little bit. I took off my camera and she made a really nice picture. I never thought it would be this good 😀

this image links to the full size picture

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What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light?

this is a very interesting question! What if? Well, this question, made by Ellen McManis, was answered in xkcd’s blog.

Although it’s a vey long answer, it’s amazingly interesting to know what would happen! I wasn’t expecting that much information. It was actually fun 🙂

Read the whole post here

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is DuckDuckGo getting THAT good?

I like the DDG search engine, it looks good and gets the job done (well, most of the time…). I have been using it for a long time now and I can actually say that I’m using it more and more than Google. The problem is when I want results only one year old, of 6 months old, but not from 5 years ago, that’s when I have to back to the big G, but this doesn’t happen all the time, so I is nothing that keeps me away from DDG,

DuckDuckGo minimalistic design

But its simple and minimalistic design makes me want to use it more and more! Yes, I know Google has almost the same start page, but there is something I like about DDG, I don’t know why though.

You have a lot of options! you can search with Google aswel by adding !g at your search query (I use this one when I want to get only new results), Google Images? no problem! just add !gi Google News? !n
For a full list visit the !Bang page 😉 (that list is just huge!!)

You want try wat DDG can do for you? check the Goodies page to see all the features 😉

Plus! DDG has been the default search engine in this Linux distributions. Kudos!

So the answer to the question is YES. And? do you like it?

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Although I like the Zapfino font, I have to say I wouldn’t use it: I can’t imagine a situation where this font could actually be a good idea, what do you say?

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